Efficient engineering of fluid power systems redefined

Dr. Heiko Baum will present the SaaS development platform Fluidon Cube at the 14th IFK on March 20, 2024.
Aachen, Germany - March 04, 2024 - FLUIDON GmbH, service provider and innovator in the development of software solutions for the fluid power engineering world, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Fluidon Cube at the 14th International Fluid Power Conference (14th IFK). Dr. Heiko Baum, Managing Director of FLUIDON GmbH, will give a presentation titled "A novel SaaS development platform for fluid power standard drives" on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 3:45 pm, where he will introduce the innovative platform.
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"Despite the now common use of CAE tools in the development of complex technical systems," says Dr. Heiko Baum. "simulative checks are often neglected in supposedly standard systems, which can lead to potentially risky design errors. Fluidon Cube aims to close this gap by making simulation-based methods easily accessible even for standard drives, thus minimizing design errors."

Fluidon Cube is a SaaS development environment for mechatronic systems that enables companies to effectively develop and optimize fluid power systems through automated and parameterizable workflows. In view of the increasing complexity of technical systems and the growing demand for simulation-based solutions, Fluidon Cube offers a domain-independent platform which, thanks to its user-friendliness, is also suitable for users without extensive experience with simulations.

"Fluidon Cube offers a simple and user-friendly solution for companies that have little experience with simulations," says Dr. Heiko Baum. "Our platform enables engineers and planners to parameterize the simulation models prepared for them using an Excel sheet without having to immerse themselves in the complex functionality of modern simulation programs."

By using Fluidon Cube, companies can identify potential errors at an early stage and avoid costly corrections. In addition, the platform enables the modern approach of collaborative engineering, in which both internal and external teams can work together on projects in workspaces regardless of time, domain and location.

"We are convinced that Fluidon Cube will make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and quality assurance in the development of fluid power systems," says Dr. Baum. "We invite all participants of the 14th IFK to attend our presentation and learn more about the advantages of Fluidon Cube."

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