The DSHplus hydraulic library covers all the usual components necessary for building a hydraulic system. By sticking close to ISO 1219-1 the graphical representation looks entirely familiar to the fluid engineer therefore keeping things clear and offering didactical opportunities by using the animation option.

Subsections for pumps, motors, cylinders, control-, flow- and pressure valves as well as accumulators, lines and pipes help to sort things and make finding the right component an easy task.

A major part of these 180+ components is modeled by mathematical functions which can be found in the widely publicized literature. Parameterization is possible by simply using manufacturer data sheets. Complete sets of a component’s parameters can then be saved in a local data base for later use in different models.

Each subsection of the library also contains physically modeled components for a detailed analysis. Should a special kind of component be missing it can either be build using several standard components or elements of the micro component library. By combining these into a submodel the new complex component can be added to the library for further use.