Functional Mock-up Interface

Design, development, and analysis of complex CyberPhysical Systems (CPSs) using simulation models involves a collaboration of expertise from different engineering domains. But how can all involved domain specific models be incorporated into an overall composite simulation model? The answer to that challenge is the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI).

The FMI defines a container and an interface to exchange dynamic models using a combination of XML files, binaries and C code zipped into a single file. FMI is supported by 100+ tools and maintained as a Modelica Association Project on GitHub.

A model that is exported according to the FMI standard is called Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU). There are three different types of FMUs:

  • FMI co-simulation stand alone.
  • FMI co-simulation tool.
  • FMI for Model Exchange.

DSHplus generates co-simulation FMUs for Windows, Linux, and macOS, that comply with revision 2.0 of the FMI standard and that can be distributed free of charge. However, on Windows the end user requires a free runtime license, that FLUIDON provides free of charge on request.

DSHplus co-simulation FMUs for Windows based applications are compiled ready to use.