Current Release

DSHplus_Version_39_300.pngDSHplus Version 3.9.2 offers many new features and enhancements such as an improved user interface, enhanced program functions and extensive component library, additional interfaces, e.g. the support of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI).

The new user interface of DSHplus 3.9.2 includes the ability to describe parameters and initial values of state variables as a function of other parameters and variables. Parameter dialogues with graphical display of look-up tables; the lookup-table list depends on the dimension used in the component, and simplified management of parameters favourites make it easier for the user to build and to check the model. Among other new features, the user interface of DSHplus 3.9 offers an updated Help for the program and the library.

The Library of DSHplus 3.9.2 has been enhanced by a new physically based pneumatic line model as a multi mass oscillator as well as several new components (transition curve, event rate, LS valve, etc.). In addition, a direct access onto the power loss in hydraulic valves and other components is now possible.

The program itself also includes numerous improvements, such as an extended look-up table visualizer for the creation and display of complex maps, and the calculation of the signal coherence in the Bode plot calculation.

On the part of the interfaces the support of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) has been expanded. On the part of the interfaces, the support of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) has been extended. For co-simulation and model exchange are alongside the existing 32bit versions are now 64bit versions also available.

DSHplus Editions

DSHplus offers three different editions for the different requirements in industrial environments, in research and teaching and in the testing phase or for personal use. DSHplus model editor and simulator is the common platform of all editions and is complemented by other program modules and a sophisticated library for each edition.  With different licensing types the edition can be individually adapted to the intensity of use.

  DSHplus Professional Edition DSHplus Educational Edition DSHplus Personal Edition
  This version offers maximum flexibility to configure the license content as a selection of all available modules, libraries and interfaces. This version is especially tailored to the needs of universities and educational institutions. It includes a teacher's license and a floating classroom license, which is limited in model size. This version is royalty free and is intended for private use only. This edition is limited in functionality and in the model size.
Type Node locked or floating license Node locked and floating license Stand-alone
Licensing Unlimited, annual Unlimited Limited
Profile Individually customized Standard Package, extendable Fixed
Size of Model Unlimited Unlimited and limited 25 nodes
Fees According license profile According license profile Free of charge
Reference Contact Contact Personal Edition