In order to analyze the behavior of the duty cycle of a technical system in an adequate way, the modeling of the control strategy is always a very important but time consuming task. Until now a more or less realistic consideration of the system control within simulation tools could only be achieved through a complex modeling with the help of different control elements, like switches or other mathematical components.

The DSHplus-Director overcomes these deficits and offers the user a simple environment to define complex control strategies, including process-dependent sequential controls or safety functions.

The DSHplus-Director is an easy way to implement different sequential controls into your DSHplus model. The finite state machine allows the user to model the whole control strategy of a technical system by defining specific actions, conditions and states. Within the DSHplus-Director the user can access all state variables or parameters of the simulation model. The transitions between Director-states are described by conditions. The defined actions on the other hand can be assigned to the different states as entry or exit actions. This is all in all a very convenient way to model and simulate different control approaches in various depth of detail.

As some extra benefits the DSHplus-Director visualizes the designed control logic as a flow graph and offers a dynamic log dialog that shows which actions are performed and what conditions are met during the simulation. If the actual PLC development environment is then available in the later phases of the development process, DSHplus also offers the possibility to couple the real control program to DSHplus via an OPC interface.