Exacting industry standards for modern system simulation in terms of realism and accuracy of calculations require that interactions of different technical subsystems are considered in detail in the computer aided engineering (CAE).

By coupling of simulation tools with different strengths the developer gains all advantages of each program. Hereby are in focus the couplings with programs of three-dimensional multi-body mechanics (MBS programs), fluid dynamic CFD programs, control tools and non-commercial programs for specific areas, such as tribological simulation tools.

The benefits of software-couplings are obvious: The mechanics of a system, for example, is clearly presented one to one in a 3-D MBS program, including all bearing conditions flexible structures and exact component characteristics and does not need to be approximate via 1-D spring-mass damper systems or characteristics-based load cycles.

The hydraulics of a system, however, can be modeled in detail with DSHplus and are coupled via defined interfaces to the MBS program. Thus, the strengths and the full functionality of both programs can be used, containing both a detailed mechanics and hydraulic simulation. This is precisely the basic idea of DSHplus STC. It is a push-button solution for seamless coupling and integration of one-dimensional cross-domain DSHplus models with any CAx tools.

In addition to traditional co-simulation solutions FLUIDON offers DSHplus STC EcoSim ™. The DSHplus STC EcoSim ™ - Embedded Co-simulation - is an encapsulated and secured stand-alone module, which includes the one-dimensional DSHplus model, as well as the co-simulation interface and the DSHplus Solver.

Your Benefits

  • Optimize your system in a classic co-simulation scenario with full access to all internal state variable
  • Take advantage of flexible network-based co-simulation via TCP / IP
  • Achieve an increased flexibility and export your validated simulation model as DSHplus STC ECoSimTM module
  • Import and export interfaces for MATLAB® / Simulink®
  • Standardized interfaces to MBS programs, such as Altair MotionSolve, SIMPACK, MD ADAMS and Virtual.Lab Motion
  • Extensive support in establishment and operation of co-simulation topologies based on over 20 years of experience in the field of software-coupling