PLC Interface


The tight schedules of today’s development cycles do not allow to wait for real machine hardware to be available for a final testing of control cabinets and PLC systems. A virtual prototype of the machine, connected to a vendor-independent open field bus standard, would therefore be a valuable development tool.

FLUIDON has met these requirements by introducing DSHplus-PLCI (Programmable Logic Controller Interface). This interface fills the gap between system simulation and controller development avoiding duplicated efforts.

DSHplus-PLCI provides multiple application ranges. Construction engineers can simulate the machine with realistic data input, designers of controllers can run tests and profit of a realistic system behaviour. To shorten teaching periods and avoid risks by insufficient trained operators, the operating personal can be instructed long time before the machine is built up.

FLUIDON currently provides OPC and Profibus interfaces. DSHplus-PLCI can be extended flexibly to other standards due to its modular concept.

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