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With the download of DSHplus 4 alpha you have the possibility to get a first impression of the functionality of the new version at an early stage. DSHplus 4 alpha does not yet have the final functions, the library scope as well as the stability of the finished version.

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Download now: DSHplus 4 Preview

16. May 2017

As announced, the first alpha version of DSHplus 4 is now available for download as a preview. We have not finished yet - but you will already get an insight into the biggest revision of our simulation software.

DSHplus 4 offers you among other things

  • A new user interface that allows you to work faster and easier
  • A clearer library presentation to help you understand the variety of components
  • New multi-axis results graphs to present values more clearly
  • 64-bit architecture and a revised data core for faster simulations

Help improve DSHplus by reporting on your experience with DSHplus 4 Preview. Either directly from the program via the "Feedback" function in the menu bar or by mail to our DSHplus 4 alpha developer team.

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DSHplus 4 at the HMI

3. February 2017

Discover the new DSHplus 4 at the Hannover Fair from April 24th until 28th 2017 at Booth F08/1 in Hall 21. From now on, DSHplus 4 alpha can be loaded from our website.

At Hannover Fair FLUIDON starts the preview program of its simulation software DSHplus with a first alpha version. In this way, interested parties are given the opportunity to take an early look at the largest revision of DSHplus so far at Booth F08/1 in Hall 21.

DSHplus is a simulation tool that was developed specially for dynamic, non-linear calculation of complex fluid power and mechatronic systems. You can use DSHplus for analysis of the dynamic of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, for system revision, for component selection and dimensioning, for failure diagnosis as wells as for training purposes. In addition to various component libraries, DSHplus offers extensive possibilities for automated simulation and analysis of results. Furthermore, the functional mock-up interface (FMI) is supported, which guarantees the connection to application-independent external CAE tools. A PLC connection for the virtual commissioning of machines and systems round off the application spectrum of the software.

The most striking change to DSHplus 4 is the new user interface, that differentiates no longer between modelling, parameterization and simulation, which makes it even more intuitive to work with. The previous function menu and toolbar had to give way to a modern ribbon. Functions that previously required the opening of a dialog window were summarized by task and can be accessed with a single mouse click. The consistent 64-bit architecture and the revised data core lead to a considerably acceleration of the simulation with DSHplus 4.

DSHplus 4 alpha Download

Just in sight: A new User Interface

23. December 2016

Within the first half-year of 2017 an thoroughly revised version of our simulation software DSHplus will be released. There is still a lot to be done by then, but we want to show you some of the new features right now – a peek through the keyhole of our development division, so to speak.

What directly stands out at programme start is the new user interface. The former main menu and the icon bar have been replaced by a far more contemporary ribbon based menu bar that allows faster working. Functions are grouped by task and can be selected with one mouse click. Many settings which previously required the opening of a dialog window are now made directly inside the menu bar.

In addition, the user interface can be extensively customised. Modeling and library windows, messages, and scopes – all available windows can be anchored at any point in the program window or positioned arbitrarily on the desktop.

DSHplus: More is yet to come

21. October 2016

With DSHplus, FLUIDON provides fluid power engineers with a powerful tool. It has matured over decades, models and solver routines have been steadily improved, expanded and adapted to new findings. The next step is larger.

Engineers and software developers at FLUIDON are working hard on the next evolution of DSHplus. A new user interface combined with proven solver routines make working with DSHplus more pleasant and faster, preserving the high quality of results you are familiar with. The new software architecture ensures better stability, expandability and flexibility. New assembly group features provide a simpler reusablity of complex structures beyond model boundaries than before.

The next version of DSHplus is expected for the first half of 2017.