Altair Partner Alliance

Altair’s HyperWorks platform has been opened to third-party applications, all of which are available to customers under one license using the revolutionary on-demand software licensing system. 36 leading partner companies have already joined the Altair Partner Alliance. Altair is effectively extending the HyperWorks Platform from 28 internally developed solutions to over 60 applications with the addition of new partner applications. Customers can invoke these third party applications at absolutely no incremental cost utilizing their existing HyperWorks licenses.

The Altair Partner Alliance is unique, because it:

  • Allows customers access to third party applications which they can utilize without additional cost.
  • Provides customers an opportunity to reduce infrastructure and administrative costs
  • Gives customers the ability to evaluate and deploy innovative new software quickly without risk or incremental cost.
  • Provides partners who participate with a new channel for software distribution with shorter sales cycles due to established relationships and infrastructures.
  • Incorporates a new paradigm, where Altair shares software royalties with its partners based on actual customer usage reports

Altair continues to be a catalyst in the industry; providing the most flexible and innovative partner program.